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→ Enhance employee experience→ Save valuable time→ Ensure security and privacy

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HR Assistant benefits

Implementing a conversational system in HR offers substantial benefits for both the HR team and employees.
By leveraging natural language processing, the HR Assistant can understand and address a wide range of inquiries, ensuring accurate and consistent information dissemination. The chatbot improves response times, allowing the HR team to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement, and enhancing overall productivity.

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Enhance employee experience

HR Assistant streamlines responses to employee inquiries regarding vacations, maternity leave, bonuses, and more. Generative AI reduces request approval times by up to 40%, enhancing the overall experience. Users receive information efficiently, reducing misunderstandings.

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Save valuable time

HR Assistant boosts efficiency by 25-50% in first-level support, handling inquiries swiftly. This frees HR team members’ time for high-value activities like strategic planning and employee development.

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Ensure security and privacy

HR Assistant ensures top-tier privacy and data security. With robust encryption, strict access controls, governance and monitoring procedures, your sensitive information remains confidential and protected. Trust HR Assistant to handle your HR queries safely and efficiently.

One tool, multiple experiences

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“I use the HR Assistant whenever it’s convenient for me, even outside of work hours. I can interact in my own language, and it understands me even if I make spelling mistakes 😁. The seamless conversations let me ask multiple questions without repeating myself, making everything smoother and more efficient. HR Assistant provides detailed answers, concise summaries, and information in tables and lists. For complex topics, I can ask HR Assistant to explain things in simple terms, and it does, making everything easy to understand.”

HR Team

“As members of the HR team, we find the HR Assistant invaluable for timely responses to employees’ questions about vacation, leave, and bonuses. The time ⏱ saved allows us to focus on strategic planning and employee development 🚀. Additionally, HR Assistant helps monitor FAQs, ensuring privacy, and provides insights for training, documentation, and welfare improvements. The modular system and centralized knowledge base allow easy customization for tasks like training management and recruiting, integrating seamlessly with third-party tools.”

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One tool, everything you need

HR Assistant includes two key components: a Generative AI chatbot that interacts with users in natural language to answer questions from employees and the HR team, and a management platform that handles the knowledge base and user permissions, and also monitors trends and user engagement across all company conversational systems.


HR Assistant delivers comprehensive and accurate responses by drawing from multiple documents and can understand incomplete or imprecise questions. It enables seamless multi-question conversations without needing to re-specify topics. The tool can summarize and customize information to enhance clarity and relevance, with customizable response modes to maintain integrity. Its modular structure allows easy customization and expansion for specific tasks like verifying training effectiveness or matching skills between CVs and job descriptions.

  • Comprehensive and accurate responses
  • Seamless conversations
  • Summarization and stylistic personalisation
  • Customizable and expanding on specific tasks


HR Assistant serves as a comprehensive document repository and central hub for document management, allowing easy organization and access. Users can independently update and modify documents to ensure accuracy and relevance. HR Assistant allows specific users to manage the knowledge base and integrates seamlessly with third-party document management systems like OneDrive, Google Drive, and company file servers, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

  • Comprehensive document collection
  • Centralized document management
  • Users management
  • Seamless integration


HR Assistant monitors usage levels, with the ability to filter by specific users, and tracks frequently asked questions while ensuring privacy. These insights help identify areas needing additional training and improvements. Administrators can export all interactions for analysis and review, aiding in continuous system improvement. Designated users can test the system to ensure its functionality and reliability.

  • Usage Monitoring
  • Interaction export
  • System testing

Key features of HR Assistant

GenAI - HR Assistant - Chatbot - Orobix - Human Resources

Specific answers to complex questions

HR Assistant provides precise answers to complex questions by reworking information from the knowledge base, supporting multiple languages like Italian and English. HR Assistant remembers the context of interconnected questions, enabling seamless dialogue continuation. A new feature tracks and displays conversation history for easy review.

Summarization and customization

HR Assistant enhances clarity and relevance by summarizing complex concepts into concise, understandable responses, ideal for lengthy documents. It customizes information to your preferred style, whether you need a formal report, casual summary, or detailed technical explanation, ensuring accuracy and alignment with your communication needs.

GenAI - HR Assistant - Chatbot - Orobix - Conversational System
GenAI - HR Assistant - Chatbot - Orobix - Knowledge management system

Preventing inappropriate use

HR Assistant uses advanced filters to address non-relevant inquiries and maintain focus on HR-related topics. Administrators can set predefined responses, such as redirecting users to the appropriate email for direct HR contact, streamlining communication and ensuring inquiries reach the right sources.

Why choose the HR Assistant

Generative AI presents exciting opportunities but need to be explored responsibly. We are engaging with our clients to ensure thoughtful and responsible implementation of Generative AI.

Generative AI - Performance - Orobix

Performance enhancement

Based on BCG analysis, Generative AI applications can significantly reduce employee request approval times by up to 40%, thereby improving the overall employee experience. Additionally, the potential efficiency gains in the first-level support phase range from 25-50%, empowering HR team members to focus on high-value activities.

GenAI - HR Assistant - Chatbot - Orobix - Governance

Governance and risk management

Generative AI introduces new risks and challenges across the product lifecycle, including confidentiality, ethics, compliance, and data bias. Our risk management framework identifies, mitigates, and monitors these risks, ensuring balanced implementation without stifling innovation.

GenAI - HR Assistant - Chatbot - Orobix - Tech Stack

Dedicated tech stack

Every Generative AI application requires a tailored approach and carefully selected technology stack to meet business objectives and regulatory requirements. We provide a comprehensive tech stack that ensures compliance, performance evaluation, and ongoing optimization for your specific needs.

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